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What to see  in Kunming

发表时间:2019-02-03 14:42作者:Hu Xiaochen


Plateaulake with beautiful scenery. The lake is 40 by 8 kilometers and is 1,886 meters above sea level. The lake water and the sky seem joining mutually like a citysea, dense mist and rolling water are on the surface of the lake, and sails are strolling above the water. It claims to be a pearl on the Yungui Plateau.It is the largest lake in Kunming. The west side of the lake is the mountain forest, while on the east side are lands dotted with the fisheries and agribusinesses. Traditional fishing boats still sail on the lake. The most beautiful view appears at dawn and sunset. The ocean-like lake is the best place to go for those people who wish to get away from the bustling city and be close to the nature.


Stone Forest (石林)

The tall rocks seem to arise from the ground in a manner somewhat reminiscent of stalagmites, or with many looking like petrified trees, thereby creating the illusion of a forest made of stone. Since 2007, two parts of the site, the Naigu Stone Forest (乃古石林) and Suogeyi Village (所各邑村), have been UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites as part of the South China Karst.The site is classified as a AAAAA-class tourist site.


Western Mountain Forest Reserve(西山森林公园)

The forest reserve on the west bank of the Dianchi Lake consists of the Huating, Taihua and Luohan Mountains, which extend for more than 40 kilometers at an altitude of 2,500 meters. This is a colossal natural forest reserve, its lofty chain of mountains crisscrossed by gurgling brooks and streams. Ancient trees heap up rich piles of foliage, and birds warble and flutter in the midstof fragrant flowers. Viewed from the southeast corner of Kunming, the entire forest reserve looks like a beautiful maiden reclining leisurely by the Dianchi Lake, her long hair quivering in the limpid water. Hence the nickname of the Western Mountains Forest Reserve, Sleeping Beauty. Dragon Gate (Longmen)is built on the steep rock hills, the carved stone Dragon Gate consistsof the major part, which was cut in the years from 1781.


Golden Temple(金殿)

Situated on Mingfenshan Hill in the northeastern outskirts of Kunming, about 7 kilometers from downtown Kunming. covering an area of 118 hectares.Construction of the Golden Temple was started in the 13th year of the reign of Wanli(1602). The bronze Zhenwu Hall was built on the architectural style of Taihe Temple of the Wudang Mountains. In the tenth year of the reign of Emperor Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1637), the Golden Temple was moved to the Jizushan Mountain. With a total weight of 250ton, the present Golden Temple,the largest bronze architecture in China, was re-built by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. In 1983, the Scenic Area was expanded and the Golden Temple Botanical Gardens were constructed, divided in to 12 gardens including the largest Camellia garden in China.


Yuantong Temple (圆通寺)

With a history of more than 1200 years, Yuantong Temple is the grandest and most important Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province. King Yimouxun of the Nanzhao Kingdom built the temple in late eighth century. The restorations from the QingDynasty onward has not changed the unique mixed architectural style of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties.


Yunnan Military Academy (云南陆军讲武堂)

No.22 CuiHu Xi Lu.The museum is in three sections with bilignual information boards and artefact labels. It is free.